Ben Hastings

Ben Hastings
Norwich, England
Python web developer

Ben Hastings is a Django developer with four years experience, who has worked with us since 2011. Ben's first project within Tridan was to replace our creaking Intranet with an all-singing, all-dancing project and time management system custom built for our needs. Since then, he's worked on event management portals, multiple eCommerce and insurance webapps, and leveraged his experience building our Intranet to provide extranets delivering unified content distribution and management within large organisations. Ben currently works on projects doing full-text search and licensing for the music industry, utilising neat new technologies like ElasticSearch and AngularJS alongside a core Django backend. Ben has a Bachelors degree, and prior to working at Tridan, worked at SERCO providing IT Support. He asked to have "Chief Facial Hair Operative" as his Tridan job title. return to the staff profiles 01603 859150

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