If the goldilocks porridge test applied to company size, we'd be "just right" - we're small enough to be agile in our design & development practices, with realistic turnaround times and exemplary work standards, but large enough to take on the bigger projects and clients seeking either design and development or it support services. We're hopeful our case studies and portfolio will go some way to proving that to you.

As a company, we have some core tenets -- akin to Google's famous "Don't be evil" -- which we think help our specific brand of web design & development stand out from other agencies.

  1. We're not about presentations. Sure, we can do them, and have in the past, but we prefer to have meetings where there is a strong dialogue between us and our client. Through talking, and listening, we get a better understanding of the business requirements the client has. That can only be a good thing when developing a complex system or site.
  2. We try to specialize. Our Core competencies and strongest points include a list of languages we work in. We prefer to stay within this technology stack, as it means we know the internals much better. To bring a new technology into our remit, we expect at least two members of staff to be fluent in it, as a built in redundancy mechanism. Internally we branch out into new technologies before we offer the services to clients, to build a better, stronger knowledgebase. You probably won't see our strong points change every month, but when they do, know that we've added something we feel is a new strength.
  3. We're employed by clients as experts. We will pitch our criticism and suggest alternatives to ideas that don't gel with the overall goal, whether this be adding some fancy graphic that doesn't fit the visual, or adding new functionality that will confuse the user. We've been creating great websites & web applications for many years, and we've always got your best interests in mind.
  4. We price realistically & fairly. We're not a behemoth of a company, so we won't charge like one. Our costs are realistic in compensation to the work carried out, and we strongly believe in our services. We refuse to work at a loss just to have a client on-board, and as a result the quote you get from us is a reasonable estimation of the work we feel is required, and the time to complete it.
  5. The Internet landscape changes, and we do too. All of us at Tridan are passionate about the web as a medium, and keep up to date with technologies as best we can in our spare time. We know this helps you, because it means we adapt to better ways of doing things quickly, and help ourselves increase the specialization that we talked about.
  6. We're prepared to rule ourselves out of some business opportunities if we don't feel that there's a nice "fit" between the two companies. Mostly, this means we won't do that "working for a loss" thing, or anything we consider amoral. We want to be proud of the work we do. 01603 859150

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