Support Services by Experts

Beyond the initial design & development services we offer at, we also offer flexible contracts & maintenance agreements that can help minimize your internal IT costs. Our team of staff each have a minimum of two years experience in working & supporting clients, and have worked with projects large and small. As a small agency, we've tried to differentiate ourselves by offering you a personable experience, giving you ability to speak directly to staff members dealing with the project - there are no account managers to speak of, so you're always guaranteed to be in the loop.

We don't just support our own work, though. Whilst that is a given, we're also happy to take on support roles for existing developments, as long as they fall within our expertise and remit. We already have a number of clients on-board who utilise this service. A few do so with the expectation that the project will enter a re-development phase at some point which they'd like us to be part of, and many others simply rely on us to fix bugs in legacy systems.

Whatever the reason, if you're considering outsourcing the support of your product, project, intranet or extranet, we're interested in hearing from you and seeing if our expectations mesh. See the list of contact points on the right for how to get hold of us. Your first port of call should be Daniel Perry, our Managing Director, and the only gatekeeper between you and a better, leaner IT department.

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