Django development

Django is our favourite web framework written in Python. Tired of the issues we encountered in PHP regularly, we started evaluating all the newer options available at the time, from CakePHP to Ruby on Rails. Eventually, we settled on going full-stack with Django, feeling it would be the best way to migrate our productivity over to Python. We've been working in it ever since 2009, when version 1.1 was released.

Our website was actually the very first Django project we did. In the years since, we've completed and supported more than 65 projects using Django, many supporting CMS or eCommerce capabilities. Between the entire team, we've got somewhere in the region of 25-30 man-years experience in working with Django.

Django has been a great fit for us in that time, because it has allowed us to focus on the specific requirements of a given project, rather than building up scaffolding for it all from scratch. As a result, we can build better web stuff faster, with fewer errors, cutting complex problems down into more maintainable chunks. We strongly believe in providing the best work possible, and Django is usually our best bet for that.

We can provide support for existing Django projects, augmenting them and bringing them up-to-date as necessary, as well as new builds from scratch.

About Django

Django is a reasonably modern full-stack web framework, originally spun out from an American newspaper publishing house. It's flexible enough to deliver both frontend and backend content handling, but also excels at providing just the backend as APIs for mobile applications or rich browser webapps.

Our extensive use of Django is backed by our belief in it's battle-tested, robust functionality and our understanding of it's internals. It's written in Python, a 20 year old, stable, predictable language, previously or currently used by such web luminaries as Google, Mozilla, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, as well as NASA, Industrial Light & Magic and a great chunk of the scientific community. We think that puts us in good company, even if we're not as brilliant as them.

Over the years, we've contributed back a number of tickets and patches to Django proper, as well as a number of Open-Source reusable Django applications. We also helped (in our minor way) financially kickstart the inclusion of database migrations into core.

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