Design & Development

As an agency, we believe in producing work that fits around your business needs as our client. Our in-house design staff have many years experience working on the Internet as a media, and have, over that time, honed the skills of the trade. At we always create designs that are user-centric, focused upon getting from their point of entry to your end goal as easily as possible. That's not to say that our work isn't pretty. A lot of it is. Except when the prettiness gets in the way of a customer purchasing, or filling out a contact form, or completing their timesheet.

When we work for you, we'll walk you through wireframes, use cases and mockups before we settle into the final build. We want you to be happy with what we deliver, after all. Maybe thereafter you'll want a support agreement for future developments. Maybe you won't. We'll package up your website or application and host it anywhere that supports the technology depedencies. If you're not interested in finding hosting elsewhere, we can offer you our own dedicated servers, which sit in a bank vault in Norwich.

Of course, our mostly pretty design is only one aspect of getting any bespoke work out of the door. We're equally reliant on our team of developers, who're always ready to dive in and make all the clever things happen. These core web developers have worked in a myriad of programming & scripting languages across multiple platforms. Favourites include PHP, Python and Java on the server-side. Given the lack of choice on the client side, it seems almost redundant to suggest we work in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We mostly love that, too, except when we're supporting & debugging Internet Explorer 6.

We build websites. We try and make them successful. We think you'd enjoy working with an agency who knows that kind of thing. We think we're that agency.

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